Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Intermission.....for a bit>>>>

{Image of some fruit that I devoured...mmmm tasty}

Lately been very busy with planning the trips and what not on my grand expedition. Its going well a lot to plan and organize but I will probably be able to manage it all (hopefully) As for thee old blog, I think that for a week or so I will hold off on posting stuff because I will probably be a bit busy with work while interning and what not and unfortunately the work I produce as an intern will not be posted up, due to NDA regulations and the good old contract. But there is hope, I will probably be posting here and there so keep an eye out and stay tuned. (here is the first photo I took with my new Cannon Rebel XTI :)

1 comment:

  1. lol until I looked closer I thought the seeds, of I guess the peaches you ate, were sections of the orange.

    btw, those little birds in all your awesome landscape paintings, are they some sort of brush or clipart, or do you meticulously paint them in everytime