Sunday, February 12, 2012

SSDDF 2012-5 to 9

By the way I should mention that these were all dailies...posted in this order, day 9 - day 5.

Day 9, twists and turns.

Day 8, the smell of the ocean in the morning.

Day 7, Seemingly suspicious forest.

Day 6, Be ye friend or foe?

Day 5, unintentional theme begins, a ronin with a short temper and a long sword. :)


  1. these are really beautiful >< i think the winter scene is my fave.. but they're all great!

  2. these are too awesome, Abe, y u make sick PAINTINS?!

  3. Thanks guys,

    Chris: Im glad you like the winter one, it was a blast working on that one.

    Daniel: Haha thanks dude, I haven't seen you in ages man, how are you?

    Noam: Much appreciated dude, they are super fun to draw.

  4. These are really beautiful. Wonder if you plan on traveling to far off lands like the monk in the pictures.

  5. bro these are amazing! i love the delicate soft beauty of them all. my eyes are tearing up :)

  6. I think I like the little him on that last one. or day 6 one
    hey just noticed he got skinnier over the days!XD
    I like the fat him yep

  7. Lol hahaha very observant Elaine. hmm maybe his item slots were all filled at the forest and he dropped a few useless weapons along his travels? yeah lets go with that.

  8. can you show some process?? do you use photos?

  9. Un trabajo muy interesante. Te invito a que visites mis blogs.
    Un saludo!!

  10. I absolutely love the 2nd and 3rd one Abe! Fantastic atmosphere and elements, so sweet!

  11. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    Shawn Weezy: hey check out my new post, it may be what you were asking for
    Sergio: Hey man! thanks

    Sergio:Gracias Sergio, agradezco que echarle un vistazo a mi trabajo. Estuve en un vistazo a su trabajo y tengo que decir que realmente fantástico!

    Justin: thanks man! I just realized i didnt have you on my friends, thats whack!