Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some stylized character and environment dailies

First Image: This is just a daily environment. I had a strange idea for this one. My thinking was to make an environment where the player could explore a vast canyon that had these floating rock formations. The rocks float as a result of the helium balloon plants that grow on them.

Second Image: A sketch I painted the other day. Added in the back view because I wanted to see how the elongated femurs and the humeri looked from the back view. Kinda reminds me of Steve Buscemi, brilliant actor.

Third Image: The final image is another daily character sketch. I find that roughing in certain details ( the buckle, satchel, the necklace and the turban-like head piece) will sell the idea the idea behind this character (a veteran, stoic like adventurer)


  1. Awesome, love the design of the rock formations in the environment!

  2. Thanks Mike, your way too kind. Your stuff rocks!