Friday, March 21, 2014

Darth Agrej

I had a dream where I was art directing the next Star Wars film while Dave Chappelle was my lead concept artist. I was working on this one piece in my dream and when I ran into some trouble Dave started to do some stand up comedy in the studio to raise my spirits.  It was a fantastic dream.

The story that I thought up for the piece was:

In ancient times there were a group of Sith called the Supreme, who did not have to abide by the rule of two. They were so powerful that they could corrput others around them just by merely being being in thier presence. Fearing this power, the Jedi order captured and set each of them on uninhabited planets, in the far corners of the galaxy. They were cursed with an eternity of isolation.

So here is a warm up of Kit Fisto ( coolest name ever) fighting Darth Agrej, the immortal sith.

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