Saturday, February 25, 2012

SSDDF 2012-20,22,23,24,25

Day 20

 Day 22
 Day 23
 Day 24, Sketch done a few months back, I just worked it up a bit more
Day 25


  1. holyyy day 24 is really really good, great job with that metallic texture!

  2. My fave is definitely 24, followed by 25 :D But that's just cause I love dragons hahah, honestly all of these are freaking phenomenal! Awesome stuff!!

  3. these are so intense man, love the one with the sitting dragon thingy!

  4. nice sense of scale in the one at the top.

  5. It's not fair that you do so many things right!! Amazing art, dude.

  6. HAHAHA thanks guys,

    Jean: Thanks, it was a blast working on that.

    Hayley: Dragons are awesome

    Jeremy: Thanks dude your daily draw stuff BLOWS my mind and nudges my funny bone hahaha great work

    Sam: Thanks dude, I am glad you like it.

    Shoki: AW common dude, way too kind of you! Your colours are breathtaking, not to mention inspiring :D

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