Thursday, March 1, 2012

SSDDF 2012-26,27,28,29

Hello, here are a few of the dailies. Some jungle commando images that I thought were interesting, its Rambo meets Lombax.

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28- Day 29, I usually never carry over a daily as ideas are plentiful. However, in this case I felt it necessary to add in a giant robot. So on day 29 I did just that, and enhanced some colours.

By the way, these are just for fun, as I am a big fan of the Ratchet series.


  1. Love it, love the colours especially in the first one. Well done!!!! :D

  2. Too awesome, Abe! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  3. Nice new character! Love those branches and some of those colors!

  4. I love how strong the narrative is in all 3 pieces, the last one is my absolute favourite, the way the gun is framed and the looming threat of the robot creates a lot of tension! Keep the magic coming, bro!!

  5. Your dailies are so good, they have such a strong sense of atmosphere and staging. Are you using reference or are these all from imagination?